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Traumatic Dental Injury


Traumatic dental injuries can occur in children or adults. Whether the dental injury is a result of an auto accident, a bad fall, or sports-related incident, it’s important to get care as soon as possible. Types of dental injuries include: chipped teeth, fractured teeth, cracked teeth, dislodged teeth, avulsed teeth, and root fractures. Timely treatment is especially important with dislodged or avulsed teeth.


Treatment depends on the type, location, and severity of each injury. If you or your child suffer a dental injury, even if it seems mild, make an appointment to see an endodontist as soon as possible. Internal trauma to the nerve and pulp of a tooth may not be immediately apparent. If left untreated, trauma can result in necrosis, abscess, swelling, and discomfort for weeks (or even years) after the initial injury. Sometimes, neighboring teeth suffer an unnoticed injury that can only be detected by a thorough dental exam.

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